COVID-19 Update


Fight COVID-19 in Africa and Myanmar
We at Hope St are working with our local partners in Uganda, Kenya and Myanmar to implement emergency Covid-19 projects to stop the spread of Covid-19. These communities are extremely vulnerable to this pandemic as most live in areas with limited health services, and in crowded housing with an inability to isolate. They are at higher long term risk due to economic changes which will see a spike in poverty, increasing the risk children face; risks such as community violence, increased hunger, and a further reduction in access to education and healthcare. You can join us in our commitment to continue reaching out to our wider global community in this time.

Stage One - Handwashing Stations and Community Education
Simple messaging on hygiene and prevention has a far-reaching effect in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. Much Covid-19 misinformation is circulating, especially in developing countries. Initial Hope St Covid-19 Projects are focused on: 1) Funding handwashing stations, and 2) Community education with local radio, posters, and social media used to teach important messages such as hand hygiene and social distancing.

Stage Two - Communication Grants
Our international partners need to keep in touch with at risk beneficiaries in the absence of routine face-to-face social work. With schools closed in Uganda and movement restricted during the pandemic, partner staff are unable to visit Hope St’s sponsored children. Unplanned teen pregnancies rose sharply when schools closed in Sierra Leone during the Ebola epidemic1 and the increased risk of teen pregnancy in Africa due to Covid-19 closures has already been reported.2 We need to keep our beneficiaries safe, and to do so our partners need to be communicating with them regularly.

Urgent Funding Needed
Please consider donating to our regular projects along with our Covid-19 appeal. With the cancellation of our major fundraising events scheduled across 2020 we are projecting a significant funding shortfall. We need to buffer this shortfall to keep our partner personnel in their jobs, so they can continue providing for the children in their care. This is an urgent appeal for funds to buffer the basic running costs of our partners in Uganda, Myanmar, Kenya and Bulgaria while we adapt to new fundraising mechanisms which fit within the restrictions of the Covid-19 environment.

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